Buying A Home

From the start of the home buying experience for example, the time you find a realtor to the end of the experience, the day you finally become a home owner, should all be a pleasant one. That is not to say that everything will go perfectly, but it is truly a process and one that can take from six to eight weeks unless you are paying cash for the home. Therefore, your realtor is an important person in your life during this time and should be taking care of business for you and your family! It is important that you feel secure and comfortable with the realtor you have selected and that you trust them entirely. You must feel that they are experienced and reliable and have good judgment. You will need to feel that this person can provide the right information, guidance and advice and that they can make quick yet well thought out decisions and have good judgment. The deciding factor, on which way it goes, is largely the responsibility of your Realtor. An analogy that you can use is to liken your Realtor to the conductor of the orchestra! There are many people involved in the process, many moving parts, many check points, many deadlines, that are all part of you as the buyer doing your "due diligence" in the real estate transaction and it is your Realtor's responsibility to pull it all together so it moves quickly and smoothly and successfully. This person should see you through the process and should be easily accessible to you at all time when you are buying a home. The many decisions a buyer will need to make (virtually always at the advice of a good realtor) is:

Finding an experienced lender to finance the transaction unless it is a cash sale. Your realtor should give you several choices of qualified lending institutions and individuals that do business in your area.

Getting prequalified for the purchase by the lender you select and knowing what homes in the area are within your budget.

Selecting a home after your realtor shows you the homes you would like to look at. Once your realtor gets to know you he or she may even suggest they preview homes for you beforehand (with your approval) to determine whether you would or would not like them. This may be a time and stress saver for you during this process. A good realtor also knows that they may need to show the same house to their clients over and over gain. A spouse may not be in town, they may want to show it to a relative after they put in an offer, or they may just need to se it several times to make a decision. Sometimes people can change their minds. A Realtor will only provide premium service if they are patient and kind to begin with!

Doing a competitive market analysis to determine what price should be offered for the house so you do not overpay.

Finding a qualified and fully licensed inspector to uncover what is wrong or right with the house. Negotiating repairs that will be necessary by the seller so the buyer feels comfortable moving forward with the transaction.

Assessing the appraised value of the home through the appraisal report.

Assisting the attorney that is selected with whatever paperwork he or she has requested to move toward closing so that the buyer ultimately is a happy homeowner. Most of these steps in the process are time sensitive and it is important your realtor is successful at adhering to these deadlines. Other things to consider are whether to get a new survey from a licensed surveyor on the home and property you are purchasing, mortgage insurance on the money you are investing and a moisture and pest control inspection when necessary or required.

These are just some of the steps to buying a home a realtor will help a buyer with. Allow Laraine to show you she is the experienced realtor who will get you through the process successfully. She had many satisfied clients and references that indicate they have been very happy with her services.

Select Laraine as your Realtor for a very positive home buying experience. She will take you through this process professionally and successfully.