First Time Home Buyers

One of my specialties in real estate is to work with first time home buyers. There is nothing more rewarding than handing the keys to a new home to individuals or couples that have never been homeowners before. Working with first time homebuyers requires special skills beyond real estate training such as patience, excellent communication skills, and just being there for guidance. Also, the ability to explain and teach a process that involves lenders, inspections, appraisals, documentation, negotiations, analytical thinking, other agents and clients on the other side of the transaction and much, much more. It is a big responsibility because the goal is to make the experience so positive the first time they purchase that they will always want to own and see it as a positive thing.


I try to always encourage and assist individuals that feel they are not currently in a position to buy a home or a condo because not only is it the right thing to do, but today’s tenants are tomorrow’s buyers! Many people who have rented from me have come back when they are ready to purchase and are loyal to me because I helped them find a rental home. Financially, it is more lucrative for a realtor to sell someone a home than it is to find them a rental but a realtor must be ethical in their role and understand that their job is to find people homes when they need them no matter what the circumstance is or the financial gain.

Some people who think they are not in a position to purchase a home are often very pleasantly surprised after meeting with me. A professional realtor will ask the right questions and direct individuals to the right bank or lending institution to make absolute sure if home purchasing is an option. Some of my clients have been grateful and thrilled to learn that they can actually buy! This is where my professional expertise comes in to meet with people, know what questions to ask and get them connected with the appropriate Mortgage Professional.

A good realtor will always ask you to have your credit score assessed to ensure that you are taking the steps needed to work toward and improve your ability to purchase a home as quickly as possible. A Mortgage Professional can help with this and work toward getting you prequalified. I pride myself in working with lenders and mortgage people that are as patient and sensitive to peoples needs as I am and find it equally as rewarding to work with individuals that may need help and time and direction to get to the position they need to be. I always tell my clients that it does not matter to me whether they buy a home today or next year, as long as when they are ready we will have already established a professional working relationship of trust and can get moving!