Selling A Home

A realtor’s job when selling a client’s home is to market the home for the best possible price at the current and fair market value. As with a buyer’s transaction, there are certain important steps that need to take place in order to optimize the process and plan for a smooth and successful completion to selling your house, condo or land.

The first thing your realtor will need to do is to visually inspect the home by doing a walk through to determine what opportunities exist to form marketability of the home. Such things as any maintenance or cosmetic repairs, furniture-staging improvements to make the home aesthetically more pleasing, opportunities for improved cleanliness and less clutter. Hopefully these recommendations are quick and easy changes that your listing agent can suggest that can easily be addressed. Individuals or families that are putting their house on the market are typically taking this step because they have a time frame they are working within for specific reasons such as downsizing, job relocation, or other life changing events. It is important that people choose a realtor that they like, trust and respect as sometimes the events that predicate moving are stressful and you will want you real estate professional to be patient, sensitive and understanding with you throughout this time. After recommendations from your realtor on how to maximize the marketability of your house, they will present a market analysis to you on what they believe is the price the house should be marketed at based on what has sold recently, what is currently on the market and what may be already under contract in your neighborhood and extended community. This will be in report form or a verbal discussion based on what the agent and seller agree on. When a relocation company is involved in the sale, there typically is a very structured process to the steps leading up to the sale of your home because they are a third party that have a vested interest in the sale. In today’s real estate market with so much technology, after your home is put in the multiple listing service in your local area, your agent should be utilizing tools to market your home such as numerous photographs, videos, virtual tours, in-house flyers, advertisements in local magazines, recorded 800 numbers, etc. The agent you use can ensure that your listing is present on major websites such as, Zillow, Homes.Com Trulia and YouTube to provide national and worldwide marketing. Realtors today can make very good use of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to market your home because these are sites that potential buyers go to regularly, even daily, on their smartphones and computers. Your home should also be marketed in traditional ways such as through advertised Sunday open houses where potential buyers walk through on the weekends. This provides additional advertisement on your home and traffic that could procure a sale. Open houses that bring other realtors in the community to the home on specific planned days which are advertised in advance is a good way to provide exposure and focus on your home to other real estate agents who may have potential buyers. Other ways to market is for listing agents to reach out to potential buyers in the community that they think may be interested in the home as well as realtors in the community who may have a strong base of relocation clients that are moving in from other parts of the country. In general, select a realtor who is willing to “pull out all stops” to sell your home.

Communication from your listing agent is key on a regular basis. It is important that they inform you of comments and feedback from other realtors that have shown your property recently. Your realtor should have a process in place to obtain this information from the buyer agents and relay it to you in a timely manner. It is also important for your realtor to let you know of other homes that have recently gone on the market in your neighborhood and surrounding area that may be considered competition for you and to inform you of price, condition and other details of the new listing that may be important for you to know to assess if adjustments to your listing are needed.

Once an offer comes in, your realtor will be your negotiator and your spokesperson and allow you to arrive at an agreed upon price. Make sure you feel your realtor has experience and savvy in in the art of negotiation and has the confidence to provide a strong approach to the negotiation.

Once a buyer has decided to buy your home, the process will continue and your agent will help you through the process of analyzing the inspection report and repairs you may be asked to make to move forward with the transaction, assess other aspects of the transaction and requirements of the closing attorney.

Once you get to the closing table, your realtor should have successfully orchestrated the completion of this transaction and the only thing left for you to do is to celebrate the sale of your home!