What A Realtor Does

A realtor’s job can be compared to the conductor of an orchestra. There are a large number of people (lenders, buyers, sellers, inspectors, attorneys, other agents, appraisers) involved in the transactions and many moving parts (documents, contracts, appraisals, loans, cash, reports, bank statements, the home, the property, the neighborhood) that are factored in. Like a conductor, the realtor is standing on the front line and balancing, managing and leading all the moving parts as they work together for the common goal. Ultimately, if the job is done well and everyone and everything pulls together, there will be smiles and handshakes at the closing table when a home sale is complete similar to the applause at the end of the concert!

This is not to say that everything will go 100% smoothly. What in life ever does? But if something does go wrong, just like the conductor of an orchestra, you will need an experienced hard working realtor that can quickly resolve the problem and get the ensemble back on track without missing a beat!