Laraine’s Background

My life up until I became a Realtor suggests it was a perfect fit for me. I was born and raised in New York and resided both in the city and Westchester County at various times. I moved three times during my childhood and after studying Communications and Business at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York, had several job-related moves in the neighboring state of Connecticut. After marrying in 1992, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland in a corporate sales role and again in 1995 to Southern Virginia. In 1997, I made the difficult but positive decision to stay at home and raise my two children for the next 11 years while we incurred three more moves to Columbia South Carolina in 1999, Dallas Texas in 2007 and then Florence, South Carolina in 2009 related to my husband's career. I have resided in Florence for the last seven years where my family has been very happy and plans to stay.

"I am no stranger to relocating, moving a household and starting over,” says Laraine. It is difficult to move for everyone especially when there are children involved who have to say goodbye to friends and family. But, it builds character, confidence and brings you to the realization that you don't know a stranger and that life is truly an adventure. You also learn that "people are people wherever you go" while at the same time learning traditions, foods, lifestyles and overall culture varies significantly in different parts of the United States making it a great learning experience.

"I used to get really homesick for New York. I grew up surrounded by family, wonderful eclectic diversity in people, foods and places from the city to the mountains to the beaches. I have learned that every place can be awesome and if you are an optimistic, successful, God loving and people oriented person, you will always be happy wherever you live.

Laraine became a Realtor in 2007 in a suburb of Dallas Texas where she found a Brokerage Firm she admired and respected. "I gravitated to Real Estate because I knew I was experienced in relocating from both a personal perspective and also as a corporate spouse who knew the process of corporate relocation". I knew how exciting it can be to pick up a household and move to another state but I also knew how difficult, it is and how stressful and time consuming moving can be whether you are moving down the street or across the country. I knew being a Realtor was a good fit for me as a new career as I would draw from my own personal situation and be empathetic to the needs and struggles of others. I am a hard working detailed oriented person who loves communicating with people so I knew this was a good field for me.

Whether someone is buying a home or selling one, it requires constant communication with clients through the different "check points" or stages of the process. My clients know I am there for them every step of the way. I am also very detail oriented and am conscientious. I take my job very seriously because transactions involving a home purchase or sale are mostly likely the biggest ones that families will make in their lifetime.

Growing up in New York made me a very astute negotiator as well. A very big part of being a successful Realtor is to get your client a good deal on a home purchase or the most profit for the sale of their home. "I grew up in an environment where you negotiated the price of anything and everything. One of my fondest memories as a child was going to Delancey Street in Manhattan with my mother, grandmother and sister and negotiating the price of our winter coats with the merchants there who, at the time, were of European decent. I learned the art of negotiation because it was practical for my family and also gave you such a sense of satisfaction and appreciation for the value of money. We would walk out of the store if we were not happy with the price and the merchants would call us back in to sell the coats. Training like this at a young age was ingrained in me and I have learned to try to get the best price on things that I buy. I treat my clients’ finances the same way and enjoy getting them value and the best price on their real estate purchases.

Laraine and her husband Jeff reside in the Florence community and have two children Danielle and Aaron that attend Clemson University in the upstate of South Carolina.